Indonesians spend 2.1 hours a day watching short videos to pass time (56%) and to entertain themselves or relax (53%).

Uncovering The Growth of Short Video in Indonesia


Ipsos has announced the result of “Indonesia Short Video White Paper 2023”. The white paper highlights the transformation in the way Indonesian people access media and how a short video platform can stand out in the industry. The white paper also mentions finding about SnackVideo who has grown rapidly during 3 years operation in Indonesia with 318% compound annual growth rate and reached 43 million of monthly active users in 2022.

7 March 2023        Brands / User Experience / Brand Awareness

THE AUTHOR(S)   Marcomm Ipsos in Indonesia Marcom Team



Short video has become a new platform for people to search information and consume content with penetration of 70%. Short video is broadly and frequently used by Indonesian consumers. The impact of short videos continued to deepen and were used more frequently in the past year. The short video market has also exploded in the past three years with total monthly active users reaching 110 million and 55% of Compound Average Growth Rate (CAGR).

Indonesian consumers are spending 2.1 hours per day to consume short videos and tend to make use of fragmented time to watch the short video on a daily basis. Their content choice are including something to pass the boring time (56%), entertaining and relax (53), knowledge and useful skills (41%), explore the world (40%), news and updates (36%), self-expression (34%), make friends (30%), bridge to communicate (26%), integrate into daily social circles (25%), and shopping (22%).

In 2022, short video is mentioned to enter the differentiation phase, where platforms start to embrace uniqueness and commercialism. This phase has brought a chance for a platform like SnackVideo to show its character to be ‘relevant with my daily life’ content. This character has driven the growth of SnackVideo to be a widely-known short video platform with 90% of brand awareness and 64% brand salience. SnackVideo is also heard in other media platforms with 119% growth rate in Q2 2022 compared to Q2 2021.

The 3 key success of SnackVideo rapid growth are including inclusiveness and equality, community ecosystem, and unique and localized content. Carrying the Indonesian tagline of “Bikin Semua Beken”, SnackVideo always encourage users to share their own and genuine stories as the contents are well received by audiences and meets the needs of users or everyone in the community, that make it inclusive and equal. The inclusiveness and equality is continually building interactive community ecosystem with active interaction and mutual respect between creators and users. The third key success is the unique and localized content. Indonesian users take pride in rich and diverse culture, leading to a strong need for local-relevant content, while SnackVideo provides plenty of localized content that has demonstrated decent user popularity. The white paper mentions that 60% of users watch religion and motivational content in the past 1 month.

The keys of success are also shown by the achievement in in-app metrics about the enthusiasm and interaction between creator and users. More than 700K daily active creators are generating more than 7 million daily comments, 1.5 million daily posts, 2.7 billion daily views and 70 million daily likes. Moreover, SnackVideo has built an official content creator community that maintains a group of users in several categories. The community is called SnackVideo Family and currently has more than 58,000 members with total members more than 800.000 and generates 50% daily active rate.  

Reaching out the great achievement in the first 3 years, SnackVideo is committed to strengthen market penetration by continuously providing relevant contents, which are unique, differentiated and updated, to the SnackVideo family and audiences in Indonesia. Scripted drama, which is considered as the signature and users’ favorite content, will be continued and expected to increase users’ time spent in SnackVideo app.

“Our achievement has been our great milestone to open opportunities with brand, corporations and government as our contribution to deliver positive information and boost the business as part of the integrated marketing strategy,” said Teng Yee Kiong, Country Manager, SnackVideo Indonesia.

Explore the Full version of “Indonesia Short Video White Paper 2023” in the attached files.